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A Novel Tool to Enhance Patient Safety

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Are you part of clinical drug development? Have you ensured an easy overview of potential drug- drug interactions (DDI)?

Pharmacological therapies are a rapidly evolving field. With people getting older and polypharmacy being common, the complexity and risk of DDI is increasing. Adverse events, e.g., loss of efficacy or toxicities, require prompt action.

In clinical practice, drug interactions of licensed medications are included in clinical decision support systems. In clinical drug development, such a system for checking drug interactions with investigational medicinal products (IMPs) is absent. Study protocols often contain instructions about using comedications, but these are often incomplete and heavily depend on the qualifications of study personnel. Missed drug interactions with an IMP may harm both the study and its participants.

To increase trial subjects’ safety and enhance the overall quality of the clinical trial, Global DDI Solutions presents the IMP DDI Manager in partnership with leading experts in the field. This innovative tool facilitates interaction checks for IMPs, and includes tailored advice on managing drug interactions.

The IMP DDI Manager will only be accessible to authorized persons like researchers from your company and affiliated researchers from hospitals. It will alert users to possible interactions and protect patients from adverse drug events. The latest updates will be seamlessly incorporated into the database. After registration of the drug, the database is updated, and the new information is accessible to all healthcare professionals subscribed to the DDI manager, maintaining drug safety.

The ultimate goal is that the DDI management resources be routinely used for every patient treated with the IMPs to increase patient safety.

Reach out to Prof. Dr. David Burger to start the conversation on how we can help you ensure an easy overview of potential DDIs for the safety of all patients involved.

Scientific Leadership

David Burger, PharmD, PhD - Radboud UMC, the Netherlands


Our DDI Managers

This platform is not just a DDI checker; it is a comprehensive DDI manager. It contains expert-led and verified drug-drug interaction information and serves as a learning platform for healthcare professionals to bridge the gap created by inadequate DDI management.